Town Permits

Residential Parking Permits

Obtained annually for designated areas from the town clerk for a fee.

Building Permits

A permit must be obtained and approved by application to the town clerk prior to any construction. A fee is charged for building permits. Most applications must go before council. The mayor and Town Council meet the third Monday of each month unless noted. For more information, contact the town clerk at 301-927-3344.

Building: Two permits are required whenever you do any remodeling, construction, etc. You must have a permit from Prince George’s County in addition to a permit from the town. Fence: Permits are required for all fences being constructed, erected or modified. Applications must be in writing on the form approved by the town, and signed by the owner(s) of the property. The application must include the proposed locations, plot plan with sketch, statement setting forth the length, height and thickness and a description of the materials to be used. A fee shall accompany the application for a fence greater than four feet. Applications for fences over four feet are submitted for approval at the monthly council meeting. Rental: All rental property is required to be licensed annually. Inspections ensure that the property meets minimum livability standards. Property owners are reminded that failure to comply will result in a fine and prohibition from renting or leasing a property. Owners/Occupants of single family or multi-family with two units of rental property should contact the town office. A yearly charge is assessed.

Driveway, Apron, or Curb Modifications: Only a town permit is required to modify your driveway, apron, or curb. A county permit is not needed.

Rental Inspection Application

This application, will provide permission for inspection of the property to determine that this property is in compliance with Chapter 43 of the Code of the Town of Brentwood.