Solid Waste Management (Trash, Yard Waste, Bulk Items & used Tires)

Town of Brentwood Solid Waste Services is provided by Bates Trucking Prince George’s Division, which is located at 3310 Kenilworth Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781. 

Each Single Family home has been assigned one (1) trash bin (a registered number) on front of the trash bin and one (1) recycle bin. Bates is contracted to pick up the one (1) registered trash bin. 

Bates Contact Number is  (301)-773-2069 and/or email address is for issues and Bulk pick up requests. 

*Yard Waste, Trash, Bulk & Recycle is scheduled to be picked up on the day of service anytime between 7 AM-7 PM  

2021 Community Presentation with Town of Brentwood

Yard Waste Rules for Prince George's Yard Waste Collection

Monday-Yard Waste (7 AM-7 PM)

Wednesday-Trash (7 AM-7 PM)

Wednesday-Bulk Pick Up (7 AM-7 PM)  (Bulk Pick up requests must be via email or call (301) 773-2069 and the requests must be received on Tuesday by 2 PM

Friday-Recycle (7 AM-7 PM)

Used and/or Scrap Tires

The Prince George's County Landfill (Brown Station Road) offers a place to dump Scrap and Used  Tires

County residents may dispose of a maximum of 5 scrap tires no larger than 17" in size per year. Disposal of more than 5 tires requires a Tire Hauler's License issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment (800-633-6101). Used automobile/truck parts are not accepted.

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