What can I be cited for?

Parking Violations

All Parking Violations are $85 and double to $170 after 30 days.

  • Unattended Vehicle with Engine Running, 305-7B
  • In Direction Other than the Flow of Traffic, 305-7B
  • 48-Hour Parking, 305-7C
  • Unattended Vehicle in Violation of Traffic Regulation, 305-7D
  • Within 15 feet Either Side of Fire Hydrant, 305-8A
  • Emergency No Parking, 305-8B
  • Established No Parking Area (No Parking Signs), 305-8B
  • Within 15 feet of Intersection, 305-8C
  • On or Opposite Crosswalk
  • On Bridge, Viaduct or Approach Thereto, 305-8E
  • Less than 20 feet From Stop Sign, 305-8F
  • On Sidewalk or Sidewalk Space, 305-8J
  • Alongside or Opposite Street Construction, 305-8H
  • In Front of Barricade/Sign-Temporary Closing, 305-8K
  • Blocking Private Driveway (Residential/Commercial), 305-8K
  • Fire Lane, 305-8L
  • Over 3/4 Ton Commercial Vehicle in Residential Area between 6PM and 7AM, 305-8M
  • Within 15 feet Either Side of Bus Stops, 305-8N
  • Repairing of Vehicle on Roadway, 305-13
  • Parked on Residential Parking Permit Only Between 7AM and 6PM
  • In Loading Zone- Exceeding 30 Minutes, 303-34